Friday, April 9, 2010

It seems material objects have lost their lustre, Now I will require a gift for my heart.
Today I woke to a clear day and uncommon sense of calm.
Deciding to stroll to work, I got a take away coffee and headed towards city. I finished the last of my coffee as I was approaching a set of housing commission flats on Brunswick street and thought to myself, I'm going to need a bin.
Its difficult to say weather he was reading my mind or if I had that all too common I need a bin look on my face, but an old man sitting on a bench called out to me in his eastern European accent and interrupted my complex train of thought entirely.
Slightly annoyed I replied "ahh yes?"
To which he sat and blankly stared past me. After a few seconds hiatus he made eye contact with me and pointed to a bin I had just overlooked.
How did he know?
This weird little old man is magical. I just wish I had my camera to capture his knowing and very toothless smile.
Let it be a lesson.