Saturday, April 10, 2010


I really like thinking about family.
I dont necessarily think of each of them individually, but as a group.
These here people raised me from the ground up. They taught me most of the things that I know, and I'd like to think I taught them bit too.
Our family unit resembles ww2 at times and more often than not you could hear us screaming obscenities at one another opposed to quietly chatting about the day.
Call us passionate.
Either way, behind all the fighting, annoyance, and useless drama I can always remember the way they love me.
It's a love like no other. And it's all because two of us came from the same belly, the other two created life together. That's entirely what joins us.
It's the most far from perfect love I know of. But i'd rather that than nothing.

I remember one day my sister and I went into a toilet at a local shopping centre. I must have been 6 and Renee 10. When I had finished in the toilet, I washed my hands and went to dry them. I was not aware that you didn't have to press a button in order to use the hand dryer, so when it went off automatically I got the fright of my life screaming like a nutcase. Renee was by my side in a matter of three seconds, not even bothering to pull up her pants.
God know's what she thought happened to me but I dare say her fright was much larger than mine.
Pretty cute.

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